Vegan-friendly shoes made without any animal products

About Poised London

Our Brand

Our mission is to create fashion focused footwear for the obsessive. Transforming themselves and be who they want to be. Poised London is a bold, on trend and forward thinking footwear brand. We are inspired by our customers and seeing that winning product. Not only do we create shoes straight off the catwalk, we do so at affordable prices. Keeping our customers on top of the trends all year round, with new styles launching weekly.

Our Product

We take TLC to the next level. Our products are designed with every attention of detail kept in mind. From the stitching of the insole, to the colour of the outsole. We obsess over the product, so you can obsess over the style. We have the must have latest trends dropping weekly and over 100 styles. We ship worldwide right here from out distribution centre in the UK

The Poised Obsessed Effect

#poisedobsessed A poised women is up to date with the latest styles, and keeping her shoe hunger fed. Our mission is to keep you up to date, inspired and unstoppable! Leaving you obsessed and craving the compliments from wearing our shoes.

The Meaning of Poised

Having a composed and self-assured manner. Whilst having a graceful and elegant bearing.


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